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We use advanced coding of QR codes, Barcodes and NFC Tags.

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Bar Codes?

We can make these simple codes do automated actions.

A readable code of numbers and parallel lines of varying widths..

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QR Codes?

We can make these perform even more automated actions.

An array of black and white squares, typically storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone

We can make these perform even more automated actions..

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NFC Tags?

NFC tags create more functional options for simple tags.

NFC tags send radio waves to activate the antenna in a mobile phone The recipient validates the information to complete an action.

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Who we are

A little about our company

MailFlow Codes is a division of  We provide the QR Code, BarCode and NFC Tag technology behind each tag.  We ensure user friendly and quality processes for customers and clients.

 Our process is secure and private.

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Features / Benefits

If you own or run a Mail Center...Save Time and Money.

By using our mailflow system, you can reduce or eliminate phone calls from renters asking if 'they have mail'. And then 'who is it from'.  It is estimated that up to 3 thours is spent on the phone daily. This can be saved. Our MailFlow Codes can reduce the labor and even manage your staffing times as well.

If you rent a Mailbox at a mail center...Save Time, Gas and Money

If you can save time, travel, gas and money, why not.  By know wing exactly when your mail is available you can plan your day easier and more managed. This is a very low, 'one-time' fee per year that gives you much in return.  You can get our system and ask your mail center to scan our tag. They do not have to download an app, or buy equipment or even do anything differently, except scan you tag with their own mobile phone.  How easy is that?

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